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Getting Started with the Airthings API

Airthings API enables developers and partners to get access to the data of their devices, for use outside of the Airthings Platform.

Building apps#

To be able to pull data from the Airthings cloud to your app, it needs to be registered with Airthings. Register new app. Once created, your app can:

  • List your devices
  • List your segments
  • Read your device sample's data
  • Add/register a new device

The read device data scope allows access to see data from the /devices endpoints. If you want to write/post to the API, the write device scope should be selected.

Once your app has been registered in our cloud (with Code Flow selected as Flow type), it is possible for other users to access their data through it. To allow an app to read data on your behalf, you need to authorize it. See Authorization.


All currently available endpoints are documented on API-Docs. And as an open-api spec here.

Consumer segment usage#

Consumer customers have access to the limited read-only consumer version of the api, for personal use only. For more info see Rate Limit. Airthings Support.

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